Because we are human…

How, with so many warnings from our founding fathers, have we allowed ourselves to place so much power in the hands of so few?  We must take back our government and never again entrust so much power to politicians.

If there were only one food brand, or just two… only one food-market chain… only one car model or house design, we’d quickly see competitors spring up.  If these new entrepreneurs were strangled by the raw power of the “powers-that-be”, we’d be outraged, scream “Unfair! Monopoly!” and demand justice!
But what if we were never taught the word “monopoly”? …never taught fairness? …had a Media also under the thumb of the powers-that-be?
Politically, this nation is precariously close to this situation today.  With this much power concentrated in DC, we will continue to see competing views, alternatives, “religions”, businesses and alternatives shut down, enslaving us all to the powers-that-be.
Please, all who love Freedom, seek Opportunity, respect Truth… we must shrink government before it devours all Hope. We are destroying ourselves by waging an unnecessary war against each others ideas, beliefs, motives, intentions… our very right to life in this world.
We call for each to respect others, not wage political war to “get our way”!  Stop forcing our view of “what is right” upon us all through the power of a massively centralized government.  This government has grown tentacles into our daily lives and continues to grow and tighten its grip.
Please… WRITE, CALL, DEMAND our government shrink.  It must just “let go” of our collective throats.
“We met the enemy, and they are us!”  WE must stop strangling each other.  Instead, we need to go into our own communities, to our neighbors, take back our money and energy, and devote it to finding and implementing diverse solutions much closer to home.
“Power to the People” has been a cry for freedom throughout our history.  Freedom from a king, freedom from slavery, freedom from exploiters, freedom from war, freedom from poverty, freedom from discrimination, freedom from hate…
But what we need now is freedom from a one-size-fits-all Big Government.
We created it… all parties, all races, all factions and ideologies.  We did it for the best of intentions, but we created a monster.  It has put us at each others throats, choking off true freedom in the name of false unity.
Surrender our souls, our unique perspectives, beliefs, identities… to a “machine”??? …to a power hungry mechanism destroying innovation, creativity, individuality and forcing an ideology upon us all???  Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, religious and secular alike need to return to the fundamentals of the founding fathers: equality in life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and above all, do no harm. 
We must stop with the “my-way-or-the-highway” politics.  We must shrink the influence of power (brute force) be it from money, intellectual slavery (ignorance, propaganda, etc.) or ideology… all, save one: the ideal of freedom.
We defend and grow freedom by distributing power from the center to the localities.  We shrink the power of government and distribute it to charities, communities, states, etc.  But most of all, we return it to individuals.  No more blaming each other for the problem.  Separate and go to work on implementing solutions in your area, business, markets, field of knowledge, towns and states, but always in “small” manageable, achievable, practical ways.  With diverse micro-solutions, experience will be out teacher, free from the shackles of political party and ideology.
Do not block your neighbor.  Move if you must, but try to work independently with like-minded or not, to find workable solutions for you and yours.  Allow states and cities and rural areas to find their own way without prejudging others.
The “American Way” is what I’m talking about! …the American Way back before it was subverted to mean “overwhelming force”. We have well now seen what we warned about by our founding fathers: we are fallible, limited human beings.  Power does not bestow wisdom, but rather, corrupts and will dumb-down those who use it as a crutch.  There is no short-cut around doing the hard work of living the virtues necessary for true success in life.
Let’s return to the American Way of our founding fathers before our hubris destroys our nation.

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