Where is the Senate Immigration Bill Leading?

The latest proposal of a “surge” in border security spending and manpower does not solve the problem since it lacks objective measures of success. Seal border FIRST, verified by objective measures.  Throwing money at the border will not seal it!

“Leahy said the Corker-Hoeven amendment, touted as a “surge” to border security, amounts to a crony capitalist giveaway to the many big money interests quietly backing immigration reform.”
…but he overlooks the crony unionism, e.g. SEIU won a promise of 20,000 work visas for new low wage employees for the “entertainment industry” …more hotel maids paying dues to SEIU.  …and likey there are many more cases of “surprises” in the thousand plus pages written so far.

He also overlooks the 4.7 MILLION new illegal immigrants that will come in after the bill is passed, since the CBO reports that 75% of illegal immigrants will not be stopped by the plan in the original bill…. these millions WILL be exploited by employers who will pay them under the table.

Ask yourself this question:  if half of the 11 Million illegals here (probably an underestimate) chooses to register and get a work permit, will their employers who have exploited them pay them the higher wage and bother with FICA withholding and employer share payments?  …extra “expenses” that make these contractors at least 15% more expensive when bidding jobs then they were before?  What will they do?  …they will drop those who register and pick up those new illegals who want the job more than citizenship!

Does Leahy favor this exploitation?  …lax border enforcement will encourage it.

What will those who lose their jobs do?  …go on welfare? …riot?  …they WILL take up a fake identity (like many already have) and return to the underground economy!

Certainly the goals promised us citizens will NOT be met with this legislation!

SEAL THE BORDER, implement a strict e-verify, and prepare for lower wages and profits and a shrinking economy until the 11 million already hear are assimilated about 20 years out.   …address the lower wages by unleashing the energy boom now blocked by regulation and intransigence in all things truly progressive economically!

History tells us the border will not be sealed, the e-verify will be full of holes, the underground economy will swell and the poor will become poorer and turn to a more profitable profession:  selling their votes in trade for government benefits, paid for by the dwindling wealth of the middle class.

As more and more immigrants and contractors and middle class workers are squeezed, they will quit working in the taxable economy and follow the lead of the 11 Million into the underground economy.  It is not a matter of disloyalty, it is a matter of competition in a market so constrained by tax law and regulation that would require a police-state to control.

Going to punish the cheaters?
…put the husband in jail with 3 squares and the satisfaction of seeing his wife and children receive more than he could provide by simply applying for welfare benefits?

Replace with vast array of taxes with a single “Fair Tax” collected at point of sale and enforced by the state tax collection agencies.

It never requires people to report their incomes, but does require dealers to report their sales.  It will not be fool proof, but much better than what we have now.

At least the law will be clear and obvious to all, and we’d not need an army of accountants and lawyers to enforce.

Please support border security with objective measures of success, coupled with a conversion to the Fair Tax to ensure the underground economy does not become the dominant economy!

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