Better Gun Control

The “three pillars” of the President’s proposal were the least effective of all the possible responses to Sandy Hook.

Hopefully, we can now work on proposals that WILL have an impact:

— 1) enforce concealed carry laws:
     a) setup hidden metal detectors on sidewalks,
     b) challenge people who avoid them or set them off,
     c) verify permits if presented, or frisk them for guns,
     d) severely punish unlicensed carry!

— 2) mandatory penalties for criminals with guns:
     a) regardless of the crime, if a gun is found, +5 years;
     b) if the gun is waved/shown, +10 years, +15 if fired;
     c) if an innocent person is injured, +20, killed, life w/o parole.

— 3) address the mental health problem:
     a) restrain first, test later if mental problem and access to gun;
     b) hold in mental health facility for up to 3 days for evaluation;
     c) easy referral by parents, employers, police for free MH clinics;
     d) fund mental hospitals, essential to security;
     e) recognize that an active, involved, caring, open and friendly society is the best deterrent to undetected/untreated mental illness… promote churches, clubs, community groups, through tax credits/deductions.

Now those are “three pillars” of improved gun security that CAN make a difference!

Promote them!

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