Freedom [comes] FROM God!

Read the Declaration of Independence if you doubt this nation was founded “under God” …Nature or Nature’s God.

The fundamental concept of Nature is not religious…. atheists have faith in nature, science, logic, etc. which is precisely the same foundation under this country, all life, and all religions!

If you disagree, you are free to exercise your disbelief because Nature gave your free will, equality with the rest of us, and we respect your beliefs just as well as you respect ours…. granting you every bit of freedom possible up to the point where your freedom infringes upon my equal right to freedom.

As a science lover myself, I am “blown away” by the extent to which God has gone to create a world with accountability, equality, direction, growth, evolution, joy and beauty…. and yet, perfectly masking the Creator, as necessary for us to have free will, and thus know love and self restraint!   ….a wonderful symmetry, an amazing balance.

Thought evolves as we learn, but always in the direction of awe at the wonderful opportunities given us if only we have the faith to believe!  We are all sinners, in need of redemption, redirection, hope and Faith.  …this world will eventually teach us God’s way.

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