Marriage …real marriage… is NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

Foolishly and childishly, people protest today as if government controls personal commitments! …government controls taxes, benefits, welfare …yes, and usually very poorly… but government under the 1st Amendment does not control the definition of words, dictate beliefs, or define the limits of human emotions.
So why protest to government about “marriage rights”?  …gays want to share in the financial benefits?  Is that all there is to this whole “gay marriage” thing?
Marriage …real marriage… is NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!  …what the government regulates with marriage law deals only with the money aspects.  Calling it “marriage law” demeans marriage and misrepresents the intent of the law.   ….so how should the Supreme Court rule on “gay marriage” issues?

The correct answer is to get the government out of the business of pretending to be an almighty god, defining what is health, what is wealth, what is charity, what is love and what is hate. Those are subjective things that any rational government would recognize are beyond measure by a civil agency.
Government, under our Constitution, can ONLY ensure “equal treatment under the law” with respect to opportunity to share in nature’s freedoms. Force of government cannot constitutionally be used to promote any belief system, other than the right to equal treatment (the ancient “Golden Rule”) under the constraint of “do no harm” (the ancient “Hippocratic Oath”.)
When we cannot agree on when life begins or what is marriage, freedom of belief over rides any law!  Government should not be used as a tool of secularism OR humanism OR Islam OR Christianity…. it should recognize our fundamental freedoms and retreat to within the traditional constitutional bounds.
And yes, this means financial benefits to married couples in this era of equal access to the workplace is obsolete; children may well deserve a voucher to aid in health, education, and defense from predators, but giving deductions for adults to live together is not in the realm of a constitutional government interest.
If you truly understand the 1st Amendment history regarding freedom of speech, belief, conscience, association, and the importance of equality under the law, you would move to have SCOTUS strike down not just “marriage law”, but most of what is now called the “welfare state”.  Favoring one group over another to promote equal outcomes based on some belief system or another, is beyond the Constitutional limits set on government.
Virtually all our political problems today come form the abuse of the Constitution, usually due to well intentioned, but misguided attempts at “social engineering”.  A legalistic mechanism, such as a Constitutional Republic, does not have compassion, does not understand love nor hate.  Only people can deal “morally” with reality, according to their vision of reality, subjectively and personally.  This is why we have juries, not just judges and laws.  This is why we have churches, volunteerism, the broader society and…. very fundamentally, Freedom and Liberty.
Shrink government! …so we may all be free of the prejudices of “powers that be”.
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