We are NOT a One Dimensional Nation!

I am so sick of the media viewing all us Americans as one-dimensional creatures, strung out on a line between liberal and conservative!
Rand Paul clearly destroys that childish image of a polarized America.

He is absolutely right that this nation was founded fearing government corruption, and 200+ years of American history alone proves this was a very wise decision, already too often violated!
The president should not be killing without declaring war, identifying the enemy, and explicitly calling for their surrender under pain of sudden death…. then the war should be all-out until the enemy surrenders or is destroyed.  Anything less is a) allowing the president to kill without oversight, and b) a violation of the “just war” philosophy that no war is just unless it is all-out to destroy war…. killing for intimidation sake is inhumane and itself terrorism.
Likewise, the separation of church and state requires the government get out of the business of regulating marriage!  ….the state of a couple, married or not, is of no import to the government. Any family benefits the government may want to subsidize MUST be directed at the needs of children, NOT at the marriage status of those who claim to be parents of the child!
Following the same logic that gives us freedom of religion, belief, conscience, speech, association, and the press, the government has no right to make “moral” decisions to protect our “morality” because what is moral is a personal choice!   …the duty of government is to protect our persons and property from harm from fellow citizens, equally!  It is not to protect us from ourselves or from bad habits or bad thoughts about ourselves or others!
Liberals and conservatives alike should take pause and learn the depth of history behind the 1st Amendment:   ….both will find themselves frequently to have been on the wrong side of freedom!
So called “free” contraceptives (or abortions) are not something the government can demand objecting citizens pay for, for the same reason giving tax deductions to straight couples but not to gay couples (or business partnerships, for that matter) is constitutional!
There are serious reasons why we have freedom FROM government!  …whenever we ask the government to give us something, we pay for it with our freedom, and come to regret the resulting slavery.

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