The Bernanke Rally… when will inflation hit?

The Bernanke rally continues on Wall Street as the FED funds our government with printed money (well, synthetic e-money) and we all wait for the inflation shoe to drop. Will it? When? …can money created with a keystroke be “burned” with a keystroke and “nobody” hurt in the matter?  If so, then let’s drop this foolishness of wasting time on government, work, duty, responsibility, etc and simply have Ben print Trillions for all us and hand it out like candy!
Obviously, this game of musical chairs, where there are more dancers than chairs, will come to an end. Or, in this case, this game of more virtual dollars than real profits, will eventually be reconciled.
Who will suffer when Ben hits the delete key, erasing the trillions of “investments” sitting on the books of the FED?
Could it be so easy? …can the virtual bank absorb virtual losses and we all dance merrily away from a “virtual” catastrophe? …can we sin without hell? …can life go on with no virtue, truth, honesty or reconciliation? …do we want to live in such a world? …how could such a world work? …who would “work”?
The answer is clearly this: it won’t work. People randomly (at best) will be left holding the bag of excrement left by those who did cash-in at the right moment. Those “cheated” people will rise up in anger and violence. We’ll see the equivalent of kings and castles, vassals, concubines, peasants and slaves, all sorted out with a great deal of violence…. so unnecessarily.
Live within your means, at all levels, working and serving the good of family and fellow human, and this can be avoided. Continue down the selfish, lazy, stupid path we’ve seen in recent years, betting that somehow “technology” will make personal responsibility obsolete, and we’ll repeat some of the saddest stories in mankind’s history, but on a massive, global scale.
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