Side Splitting Humor on NPR NEWS!

I use to listen to NPR going and coming from work, back before I retired.  So today, on the way to CVS, since the radio station I normally listen to was covering college football, I thought I’d give NPR a try.  The 5 PM news show started, and let me tell you…. it was a barrel full of LAUGHS!

First, the reporter started with the story of the day, about how Romney was (breathlessly) attempting to recover from a “disastrous week”!  …say what?  He’s the challenger and as of this morning, still even in the polls!  He should be down by 15 points, but HIS situation is “disastrous”?

Hasn’t the President spent the last 10 days telling us the unrest in the Middle East was due to a movie that turns out to only be a amateur movie trailer less than 15 minutes long?  Why did he do this?  …in a desperate attempt to make 9/11 go away!

Not the 9/11 of 11 years ago, but the 9/11 of 11 DAYS ago when our Ambassador to Libya was obviously (as ultimately confirmed) murdered in a well organized attack by terrorists connected to Al Qaeda and probably led by a released GITMO detainee!   …all too embarrassing for a President so close to the election, he can’t simply admit THAT!

Now, we all know there has been a “reset” in our Middle East policy: Muslim outreach, Arab Spring, etc.  We all know we’re out of Iraq, Bin Laden is dead, our surge forces are out of Afghanistan, etc. and the “war on terror” should never have happened, so how is it that the Ambassador is dead over a cheap movie?  …but it turns out to be a planned terrorist attack?

Oh, and by the way, at least a half dozen soldiers have died in Afghanistan these 10 days, we’ve had to suspend training programs for safety (our only reason for still being there) a Squadron Commander is dead, and a half dozen American aircraft in their hangers destroyed (over $8M in damages) in the most secure facility in Afghanistan by a Taliban terrorist attack also triggered in response to 9/11.

And Romney had a hard couple of weeks ????  …if it wasn’t so deranged, the NPR “top story”, neglecting the deaths and the disasters and the collapse of the President’s primary foreign policy initiative would have brought tears of grief and anger, but it is really, really hard to get mad at NPR when they are this childishly out of touch with reality!

So what was the “disastrous” event causing such harm to Romney?  Well last week it was his claim that it was inappropriate for the State Department through the Egyptian embassy to have justified violent attacks by sympathizing about how insulting that dumb movie was!  Ok… wasn’t that proven to be true by the fact that the administration just hours later disavowed that statement?  So Obama and Romney agreed on that point but Romney is the only one suffering for it?

Ok. He shot pretty quick from the hip, yep… but hit the target!

Oh, and then there was the 47% statement!  A video, conveniently held back from May until the President’s foreign policy began to collapse, presented Romney pointing out that some 47% of the voters will never vote for him, some because they are dependent upon government (e.g. the recently announced 47% number) and others because they simply believe in the President and the Democratic party.

And this is news?  Do you see Obama spending millions in campaign funds plastering videos all over Texas?  No… you spend where you have a chance and conserve where you don’t.  So isn’t Obama the President of Texans too?  …well apparently not given the uproar we hear from the media about the 47% remark.

By the way:  economist George Gilder points out that Romney was wrong!  If you add in crony capitalist companies and all the lawyers and bureaucrats involved in writing, fighting, enforcing, advising with regard to, all the government regulations, the proper number dependent to some degree on the government is closer to 70% !!!

So I guess our jolly NPR reporter is correct!  …how can Romney ever expect to be elected?

Yes, she asked that question to a campaign consultant she interviewed!  …it was so obvious to her that Obama was a shoe-in that … well, there simply was no other news this week to report!

Well maybe those theories of “alternate universes” really, really are true!  Maybe we can have a sky rocketing stock market and a collapsing economy at the same time!   …oh wait, that is obviously true since it only requires we devalue the dollar, like in QE2 and QE3.  Bad example.  Well maybe terrorists can be appeased into peaceful coexistence!  …oh wait, didn’t seem to happen over the last 3.5 years of playing nice, and of course it didn’t happen with Germany and Japan back between the wars.

Ok, ok.  I’ll let it go.  Let’s just give BO another chance, even if he seems to be a W on steroids as far as spending goes… Surely we couldn’t have a future life as bad as Romney had this week.  Could we?

Seriously:  denial of reality is one of the best honed talents of liberals. As painful as it will be for the poor and middle class (including me and my children) the surprised look on their face when reality can no longer be ignored just may be worth 4 more years of disastrous decline.   …eh, not really.

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