Seems automation makes billing easier… and more of it!

Precisely what would happen if a 3rd party paid for burgers at a fast food store.

When the consumer is not responsible for the bill, no one is. If we had NO profits involved, i.e. pure single payer, someone somewhere is still being paid a salary, and if the patient is not in some way holding the providers responsible, we have waste up until there is no more money to waste, then we will have service delays, quality will drop, and people will die.

Pay people directly what they earn throughout their life-time…. no tax gimmicks, no hiring the employer to do be a tax collector for the government or a health care adviser for the employee. The employer is lousy at both… it is deceptive to pretend otherwise.

Then have the people purchase the insurance and buy the health care they choose, forcing them to be responsible for their lives …novel idea, eh?

Force doctors and hospitals to compete for their customers, just like the rest of us! It will be surprising to all how quality, service, outcomes and prices will all improve!

Keep pretending that bureaucratic hospitals dealing with bureaucratic insurances companies under the faulty oversight of a bureaucratic government will cure people, and the longest lived people on earth will be bureaucrats.

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