Flying Squirrels and Freedom

When I was 10 …55 years ago… my uncle “tamed” a flying squirrel I captured by gassing it with cigarette smoke in a paper bag, shaking the bag to further disorient the poor creature. “Once you let him out, he’ll be so grateful he’ll be your friend.”

This is the Obama administration, deliberately destroying independence in the heart of the American people, expecting them to be grateful for handouts once that “troublesome independent streak” is snuffed out.

I lost all respect for my uncle that day. I released the poor squirrel, but it seemed to have lost all zest for life and just clung to the tree where I left him. He probably died not long after that.
Joy and excitement at having built a working trap with my own hands was replaced with deep shame for what we did to this once free and vibrant neighbor.

I tell this true story as a warning to all those supporters of this president who think it would be neat to have wide-eyed creatures “lovingly” dependent upon them. We Americans are like that flying squirrel before I helped ruin it. Fiercely independent, risking everything on great leaps of faith and self confidence. It had a wonderful life: capable, self assured, confident and slave to no one. When one of our leaps fall short, we face the risks on the ground until we pull ourselves up to new heights.

Do not destroy a good thing when you’ve got it. Especially not when driven by a selfish desire to force “friendship” upon the subject. Respect and friendship can only be won, not forced. The slave may be polite and submissive, but without freedom and independence, it is all a tragically sad lie.

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