I’ve seen the lies from “Both Sides Now”

I’ve been stunned by how happy both the left and right have been, totally blinded by their ideology on the critical issue of “taxing the rich”.  I was reminded of that song “Both Sides Now” which explains how one can go through life and love, and “still not know life at all.”

Reminder:  Judy Collins 1967 hit:  “Both Sides Now”

(Aside: this would make a great parody “re-election theme song” for the President!)

So what “lies” am I talking about?  What ideology driven deceptions have blinded the Left AND the Right?   …is it not clear that the “rich” are too rich and should have their taxes raised?

Well, let’s start with the Conservative canard first:

“The so-called ‘rich’ already pay most of the taxes in this country!”

Well, if you focus only on Federal Income taxes, this seems to be true.  And since that is all the Leftist care about increasing we’ll stick with that restriction.  But to sort out if it is true, I ask the following question:

Where do the “rich” get the money they pay their taxes with?  I mean, “income” taxes only apply to income.  So where do they get that from?  Yep… You knew it all along!  They get it from the goods and services they sell us:  the ticket prices for their concerts, their DVDs and movies, the cost of watching their games on TV or in the stadiums, the fancy electronics they pay the Chinese to make and sell to us, the medicines they produce, the cars and bridges and roads they build, the very bread we eat.   ….WE give it to them embedded in the price we pay for the goods and services we buy from them.

We give them the money with which they pay their income tax.

Oh, there are cheaters who use monopolistic practices to multiply their income, e.g. player strikes, employee lock-outs, crony capitalism, “subsidies”, “stimulus”, etc.  But by and large, the vast majority of the things we buy are bought in a somewhat competitive marketplace from sellers we choose to support.

So, the “rich” may well like to stroke their egos by pretending they “pay the lions share” of federal income taxes (‘roar!’) but they pay those taxes with our hard earned money that we choose to give them because we …by and large… like what they do.

So I wish the Right would get off it’s high horse and quit the argument “we pay the most”.

Now, let’s return to the Left’s blatant deception:

“If only the ‘rich’ would pay their ‘fair share’ we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

Oh, this reeks of misunderstanding at best and outright deception at worse!  As already shown above, the “rich” pay their share (fair or not) by acting as an invisible IRS collecting the money to fund the government hidden …yes, hidden… in the prices of everything the rest of us buy.

Raise the income tax rates on the rich, as so many of the Left insist, and in a few short years all the prices will go up to pay for those increased taxes …and WE will be ones paying.

The only way to make “the man” suffer is to undercut his/her (or the corporation’s) price for the services or products and quite literally “eat their lunch!”  Don’t like what they charge, go into competition and run them into the ground!  …but no, the Left wants to raise taxes, not competition!

Raising taxes is PRECISELY what the rich cats like!  THEY don’t pay taxes, passing them on to us in higher prices, AND because as the tax laws become more and more “progressive”, they become more and more powerful and competitors become weaker and fewer.

Why start a business if before you get started hiring your first worker you need to hire a tax lawyer and an accountant and try to figure out how to follow all the laws and pay all the various fees and taxes more efficiently than the “rich guy”….   You become discouraged before you make your first widget, so you sell the patent of the new widget to the “rich guy” who locks out even more competitors by threatening to sue if they make cheaper widgets using your process!

So I wish the Left would take off it’s ash-covered “victim” suit and quit the class warfare!

Both sides now  …both sides… benefit with their constituents by promoting these lies and building entire ideologies around them.  It is ignorant, selfish, hateful, and clearly counter productive.  Stop it!

At this point I’d normally start preaching about the value of being an independent thinker, independent voter and the goal of true Independence.  But I’ll spare you that IF you promise to go back and digest what I’ve just written.  Take it in.  Make it part of your thinking.  And the next time you hear a debate between Right and Left, listen for these foolish ideologies and how they obscure for the audience and both sides the reality they must come to understand before they can possibly find a solution to our nation’s economic problems.

Thank YOU for paying the bulk of my taxes  …all you, rich and poor alike!

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