What is America without laws?

Look…. this is scary stuff!

We are dangerously close to becoming a nation without laws. When we get there, possibly this summer, will we still be America?

I am talking about the wholesale destruction of the meaning of words, and via that loss, the loss of a meaningful legal system. We’ve seen quite a bit of this slippery slope. Some examples are: “depends upon what the meaning of ‘is’ is”; gay ‘marriage’; “I’ve been hacked…”; “budget”; “war”; “no controlling authority”; “borrowing limit”; “rights”; “investment”…. etc.

What good is a law, or even rational thought, if the meanings of words are fluid and subjective?

We are told that we must raise the borrowing “cap” by August 2nd or we “default” on our debt. I ask you, why have a “cap” if it is always raised? It becomes a meaningless exercise, or worse, a deliberate attempt to deceive the citizens into thinking our politicians and bureaucrats are acting rationally to protect us from spending beyond our means. Actually it is BOTH a futile exercise and a deception.

It is futile because if we don’t have the will to live within our means, we certainly will destroy our country’s reputation, economy and currency… and hence talk of “borrowing” becomes futile. It is a deception because our political parties appear to have no will to do anything but posture and bluster about their superiority and the inferiority of others…. regardless of what it does to the nation as a whole.

What do I think will happen August 2nd? The president will declare that he and he alone will ensure that our constitutional commitment to the pursuit of happiness will be “honored”, that this requires he pay out all legal commitments, which requires him to borrow and spend regardless of the so-called cap. He will declare that cap is on the face of it unconstitutional since it demands that sacred commitments be neglected with regard to the health, safety and well-being of the American citizens.

This, of course, is a power grab. But it will not be questioned just as the decision to not enforce our borders, not defend DOMA, not write/pass/live-by a budget, the decision to pretend spending is automatically an “investment” (regardless of potential of a return on the “investment”), or the pretence that jobs paid for the government somehow “create” revenues instead of simply “drain” revenues.

Logic is discarded in the face of emotion and “feeling good”…. and if you can state the insanity slickly with a smile and a smirk and an outstanding sense of certainty, then logic and common sense can be ignored, especially if anyone in the media who questions policy or disparages government officials are “indefinitely suspended”.

And when reality bites, bite back harder by blaming a wider circle of “greedy rich people”… either they will pay up to buy some “forgiveness for their guilt” (blackmail) or they will be crushed under the heavy hand of “the law”… a law that respects no constitution because it respects no meaning other than a loudly yelled “winning!”

The insanity of politicians and drunken actors and misguided billionaires spreads… how can you say the emperor has no clothes? …he’s the emperor, or the bureaucrat, or the rich guy!

Words have meaning only when we have the integrity to stick to agreements on what the words mean. If words are subjective, contextual, “flexible”… then we have no reason to stick to laws or any other so called “agreements” between just and fair people. We return to savagery.

We see this in the streets of Greece. We saw it (in a silent form) in the mortgage crisis and the financial collapse. We will see it again if we don’t restore our own integrity and the integrity of our politicians.

I don’t need to enumerate the list of lies we’ve been told recently. They come so fast and furious, spoken with such heavy “moral” tones, that watching the news becomes indistinguishable from watching a comedy skit! “We must act as adults … get to work! … see you when I get back from vacation and the solution had better be on my desk or I will do whatever I want … and it will be YOUR fault!”

Scary stuff, indeed. Rational behavior is in very short supply in Washington these days.

We elected a president because we wanted peace and an end to violence… yet he replaces the heroic actions of soldiers in the field with remote-control executions (assassinations?) via drones. We know we have spent more than we’ve earned (or otherwise taken in) and our solution is to borrow more so we can spend more on the assumption that if we “invest” enough, when everyone pays their taxes we’ll have more than we started with. If that was sane, every pauper would be richer than Soros. We want honest and clear-eyed, fact driven policies, yet when the evidence shows that things don’t work as expected, we double down on doing the very same things!

We accuse a prior administration of causing problems, then hire the very same people to do the very same things a) in defense of the nation, and b) in management of the economy.

We write thousands of pages of new legislation, much requiring bureaucrats to write tens of thousands of pages of implementing “rules” … and make obvious errors in assessing the cost of the legislation. And then, years before the due dates of the written “rules” we wonder why everyone in the country is confused and afraid of what is going to happen in the future with respect to their jobs, ability to be successful in business, invest, or even get health care when and of the type they may need!

“If you like your healthcare… you can keep it!” Yet not a sentence in thousands of pages of legislation to ensure this most basic promise is met. Pass the law so we can see what’s in it.

This is insanity… squared, and cubed and stuffed down our throats.

Please pay attention to what your politicians are doing… they have greater power than ever before and are demonstrating far less self-control than I’ve seen in my entire lifetime. It is the 1920’s/30’s again. The big crash is right around the corner yet everyone has “confidence” that the people in charge will work it out… and history tells us that the “solution” was world war and massive destruction.

Surviving war sure does teach discipline, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather demand honesty, integrity, pragmatism, hard work and self-sacrifice from yourself and your peers… NOW… than to subject your children and grandchildren to crushing depression followed by an even worse world war?

Again… all the indicators are bad, but the stock market goes UP…. and so does OIL and so does GOLD. What does that mean? The consensus is forming that our politicians will fail us again, destroying the dollar economy even more and forcing continued flight of money from the rest of the world (where it could save economies and feed entire civilizations) into commodities, property and machinery. Don’t cheer your new-found wealth until you can be sure it represents prosperity and a growing pie. Being a very fat rat when the last crumb is consumed is not a safe future…. especially if laws have lost all meaning.

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