Choosing Slavery….

Worth reading:
Don’t Know Much About History — Historian David McCullough says textbooks have become ‘so politically correct as to be comic.’ — WSJ

My comment upon reading above:

Choosing Slavery … As I read this article and so much news lately (e.g. Greece crisis, near 50% paying no taxes and receiving some form of government benefit, unions declaring benefits to be human “rights”, mindless TV watching, Representative Weiner etal, and much more) I am struck with how completely we are becoming a nation of sell-outs!

We are choosing to sacrifice our character, independence, self-reliance, pride and dare I say it, our “souls” to whoever provides our creature comforts with as little pain as possible for us. We are “couch potato” sell outs, sacrificing our pride on the alter of convenience. We call them “rights” so we don’t have to face our own embarrassment at how we’ve destroyed our work ethic, our concept of justice, our own personal honor and any hint of universal morality.

For now, we’ll protest against “austerity” and “bias” and “greed”, demanding “rights” that squander our future in favor of instant and easy gratification. Within a decade, the folly of this will become clear as the money runs out and the violence in the name of “equality” rises in the street. Soon after than, little Napoleons will “represent” us as they ultimately enslave us.

For a long while we’ll live as peons, pleased to get our share of rice and beans… eventually the costs will rise and the limitations grow until we are pleased to be slaves of the people with the power and riches. “Even a dog gets better food from their master’s table.”

It is the lack of a recognition of our HISTORY that ensures we repeat this sad exercise in futility.

Closing thought:

The one thing that argues against the inevitability of “Choosing Slavery” has been the grass roots revolution against “political correctness” among independents that mistakenly though Obama was going to be the end of “politics as usual” in Washington, and more recently has exhibited itself as what the media calls the “TEA Party”.

These people are essentially calling for a return to the rational, pragmatic and stable world before we began sacrificing ourselves on the alter of public opinion.

We’ll see if this “revolution” becomes main-stream or simply is an echo of a dying culture… a “last gasp.” Is it too late?

—- —- —-

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