the Rivlin/Ryan plan for Medicare

I like the Alice Rivlin plan for Medicare… she was a good Democrat in Clinton’s administration.

Her plan happens to be largely what Ryan included in his…. essentially what Federal Gov workers have.

I was a Fed Gov civil servant for half of my career… the ability to choose a different plan provider with different options and costs was critical to me. If one provider furstrated me with bad service or intollerable rules, I could express my displeasure by going with another provider when the November “open season” rolled around.

I ask you this: which provides better control over quality, price & customer service?
a) a government regulation agency
b) competition among a set of hungry competitors I can choose from

We don’t shop at stores where the price, product quality and customer service is regulated by the government for a good reason: bureaucrats are slow at best, unresponsive frequently and sometimes corrupt (i.e. biased or litterally paid-off by crooked businessmen!)

We do shop at stores where we frequently walk out if the price, quality or customer service is NOT what we want. …competition and a consumer’s freedom to choose is fundimental.

This same common sense approach was used in designing the Federal Employee Health Care system. It obviously SHOULD be used for Medicare/caid !!!

The government will provide the subsidy (something it is good at) while he consumer will provide the price, quality and customer service oversight by being able to choose between multiple competing plans.

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