How big is this year’s deficit anyway? The facts are astounding!

How big is the DEFICIT our Congress is avoiding fixing ????

This one year’s projected deficit ($1.45 TRILLION CBO estimate) is:

– BIGGER than the combined Iraq and Afghanistan war costs !!! ( )
– as BIG as 2 Iraq wars !!! … or … 4 Afghan wars !!!

– as BIG as 15 Katrina disasters !!! ( … ‘cost of katrina’ )

– as BIG as 7 or 8 Japan earthquake, tsunami, melt-down disasters !!!

And yet we borrow all that money just THIS year and project having to borrow another $8 or more TRILLION over then next 9 or 10 years !!!

THIS …. according to the White House AND the Congressional Budget Office !!!! Not some right wing fear mongers! (And the CBO claims the WH underestimated.)

Our government is simply INSANE to propose cutting only $100B or $50B or $33B from this !!!

Our media is simply insane to expound upon the Gulf disaster or Katrina or the Japanese disaster as “large” when our politicians are VOLUNTARILY creating the economic equivalent of many of these disasters, year after year…. and calling it an “investment”. Was Katrina an “investment”? Was the Iraq war? All disasters do create jobs, but only at the expense of massive distruction of wealth. We are voluntarily destroying the future wealth of our children and grandchildren by sucking about a TRILLION dollars out of the economy through borrowing…. and paying huge sums of money to rich people all around the world for the privilege of borrowing their money!

Stop the madness….

Shut down all non-essential services until rationality returns!

—- —- —-

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