The Broken Hockey Stick… end of Global Warming


This comment to a Times Online article says it all.  I highly recommend reading the other "Most Recommended" comments posted with this article.

Scientists in stolen e-mail scandal hid climate data – Times Online
George Brown wrote: I am an older scientist in another field. Because I went to MIT, people ask me what I think about everything from the future of the universe to, yes, global warming. So I try to keep up with all of it and, frankly, climate science is a mess. Data and peer review are hopelessly corrupted. Currently, there is no way for an interested outsider to draw any reasonable conclusions. Unlike any other science, from physics to biology, there is no way to reproduce the damaged data. Recovery from this episode of scientific irresponsibility will take a long time.Another difference about climate science is that people walk around in their lab every day. At first, I was predisposed to believe in AGW. The river I grew up near once had ice boating houses, but they all closed when the river stopped freezing. Well, the river is freezing again and ice boating is back.Likewise with the icecaps and glaciers. How could these be shrinking at an accelerating rate when all of the areas around them are reporting record cold and snowfalls? Now we find that the data on these icepacks had been managed, summarized and deleted.Science is generally a self-righting ship. We make mistakes, of course, but over time they are corrected. In climate science in the current political environment, however, I doubt that can happen for a very long time.January 28, 2010 3:25 AM GMT

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