How to ALWAYS be on the WINNING side!

Ah… basking in the glow of always being on the winning side!  …it is easy!

Today, with the aid of the Internet, a candidate like Scott Brown can bring in over a MILLION a day
by simply having a message that resonates with independents!  With that, he clobbered the Party
establishment candidate.  The independents are the REAL winners here, not Brown.

The core message of the recent series of elections is this:  Party Politics is so, so OVER!  It’s done,
stick a fork in it.  Never again allow anyone to pigeon-hole you a Republican or a Democrat.

You are an INDEPENDENT and you can swing any way you want.  And that bat is HEAVY!  You
can clobber a candidate from either Party if they fail to satisfy.  You ARE the majority now, and
with the Internet, you are the majority forever.  ….you are forever in-charge!

"What do you want?"  ….the Party hacks demand.  They think they simply need is to find your
price and pay you off.  Obama runs to put on a "populist" mantle because he thinks that will buy
your vote.  The Republicans gloat because they think power is shifting back to them.  Both are
transparently self-centered, and both are wrong in thinking you are playing “The Price is Right!”

You are Americans.  You want honest politicians who do not stick their fingers in the air and make
promises that are lies based on what they THINK you want to hear.  You want politicians that listen
to you and explain openly and clearly what the difficulties are and what ideas they have.  You want
politicians who say, honestly, "it is difficult to solve our problems, but here is what I’m trying to do.
But if you’ve got a better idea, I’ll shut up and listen to it."

I don’t know how we will vote in the future, but I know one thing for sure:  ultimately,  both Parties
will be forced to serve us, the American people, more honestly and openly than they have for
many decades, if ever.  We will not fund them, we will not vote for them, until they do.

In the future, the Parties will cease to be ideological because we will quit awarding them to think
for us… only to represent us.  They will turn into tame little political clubs that focus on educating
citizens for service to the nation as office holders.  They will help candidates learn the ropes, get
on the ballot and present themselves to the rest of us.  They will assure us of at least two candidates
for each position, offering redundancy and a check on each other.  They are as necessary as the two
halves of our own brain, and just as locked together in order to survive.  They will share responsibility
in assigning offices at the Capitol and take turns switching leadership positions in the chambers and
committees.  But they WILL NOT ACT LIKE THEY OWN THE PLACE… we, the people, always have!

Candidates will be able to vote their consciences based on their understanding of the options; they
will be able to explore many more options, without the constraint of satisfying Party bosses or rich
Party members.  They will serve the majority, the independent voters of America.

Now, isn’t that the most satisfying, encouraging, positive perspective on Politics you’ve read in years?
That is what Brown’s election taught ME!  Bask in it!

How do we get this “new reality” recognized by the old guard?

Explain to every member of a Political Party (either one) how out of touch with America their Party is.
Point out the elections in ’06, ’08, ’09 and last Tuesday in Massachusetts.  Point out that in each case,
the winner was determined by the INDEPENDENT vote.  Belonging to a major Party may be required
to get on a ballot (in some states), but it is NO LONGER an assurance that you will win!

Show them why the old system was bad, even before the Internet made it obsolete:

Party politics has been binary:  you are "with me or against me"; or sometimes the only slightly better
one-dimensional model applies:  you are "on the left" or "on the right" or somewhere along that line. 
First of all, reality is more complex…. none of us really fit in it well (except possibly kings or dictators!)

More importantly, these artificial structures make finding "optimum solutions” much more difficult.

In science, we’d say we are dealing with "over constrained" problems.  Sometimes there is no answer
for an over constrained problem.  Proposed possible answers violate one or more of the constraints,
and must be rejected…. or some constraints must be relaxed…. and that is what is happening!

In politics today, we regularly see cases where possible solutions do not fit the constraint of "being
acceptable to the Party."  Simple example:  "thou shall not torture or kill" to paraphrase a popular rule,
but Democrats will argue that abortion is a right not in violation of that rule, but "water boarding" is.
Republicans will likely argue just the opposite.  BOTH parties are being inconsistent in their application
of this popularly accepted rule!  Party positions are unnecessarily over constrained, often inconsistent
and irrational, play to emotion rather than reason, block consensus and drive us insane!

But you object!  You say it depends upon the meaning of "torture" and/or the balancing of "rights"!
Correct!  And that is why we have elections!  The meaning of rules and even words in our society
are not determined by a “standard” dictionary or even by the Supreme Court interpreting the most
sacred of our documents, the Constitution (ultimately.)  They are determined by "we the people"
via the results of free and fair elections and the constitutional amendment process.

Trust the people, unbridled!  The core principle of our Founding Fathers no longer sounds "far out"!
With the Internet, seeing how it offers freedom from Party constraints, it no longer makes sense to
allow Political Parties to “own” your vote.

In earlier times, when party consensus was essential to raising the money to compete, belonging to
a Party was essential to guarantee the financial backing (and access to the gerrymandered districts)
necessary to be elected.  The Party bosses selected candidates and party loyalty was a requirement
more important than electability.  Power flowed to the Party bosses because they held the purse
strings and managed the gateway to election.  And to powerful appointments even after a selectee
reached Washington, the state capitol or even the county board of commissioners.  Even if you were
a clown or a crook, if the Party bosses could count on your loyalty, they’d pull strings, play tricks, lie
and spin to get you elected.  It meant power to them and historically power meant dominance and
bred even more power.

The old era has ended.  President Obama has indeed brought “change”.  We are entering the new
Post Political Party period…. quite to the surprise of all the players, including the President.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of escaping ideological Party deadlock give me great hope!
I will donate to who I please, trust who I please, never feel Party “guilt” or Party “loyalty” for I am
forever on the winning side.  I am an INDEPENDENT voter!

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