The way out of the “government option” disaster…‏

Another disastrous weekend for the amorphous "plan" our president is trying to sell.

The news is full of "does he or does he not" need to have a "government option" in whatever bill he signs.

The argument being made for a government insurance plan is that "the evil insurance companies" will not
control costs or provide the features the citizens (as patients) need.  Cost control and quality supposedly
require "competition" from a government run health care option.

So… McDonalds, Wendys, and Burger King each have a "dollar menu" to compete with… What?  What
government run fast food outlets are being so successful in keeping down the price of fast foods? 
Prisons maybe, or WICS or food banks…. but certainly not competing fast food outlets!

The reason health insurance companies are unresponsive to patients is because the employers, not the
patients, are their customers.  They ARE satisfying the people who pay the bills:  the employers who don’t
care to spend much money on you if you are not a healthy, productive worker.  THAT is where all the "evil"
starts… it is common sense.

Employer funded health insurance is a throw-back to the days when Business Kingpins were "buying"
loyalty by locking their employees into their jobs.  History:  "company housing" use to be a company
"benefit"; if you got too uppity on the job, they would throw your family out of the house and give it to
a more compliant employee.

The chains were/are not iron, but it was/is still a form of slavery.

If controlling costs and improving quality is the goal, make the patients the customers that the insurance
companies must satisfy.  Transition employer benefits to the employees, passing on the salary diverted
by the employer (and taxes avoided) to the employee!

Require that this money be spent only to buy health insurance from competing companies on a regulated
exchange.  Non-profits can participate, and should be encouraged, but government bureaucrats must allow
competition to satisfy the needs of the patients.  As consumers, patients can form groups to shape the
policy details, or shape policy by selecting companies that offer what they want.

Put THIS feature in "the plan," and everyone will be as satisfied as they are with Walmart and Target,
McDonalds and Burger King, etc.  ….all places in the economy where we have proven that a "government
option" is NOT necessary to satisfy customers and control costs!

Much GOOD reform can be had…  IF YOU TRUST THE PEOPLE FIRST!  Don’t treat us like idiots.  We KNOW
that the money the company spends on health benefits is first EARNED by our labor.  It should show up in
our paycheck.  Though it needs to be spent on health insurance, it should be the employee who shops for
the policy and makes the decisions on what "Quality Coverage" and "Economic Efficiency" means to their
family.  The lives of the family members are at state.  The employee, not the employer. NOR A POLITICIAN
should decide what is "enough" protection for that family.

Much like in Welfare or Defense, there is a role for the government, but it should be limited to only those
things that can’t be done by an open, fair and competitive market.

—- —- —-

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