U.S. rescinds July 4 invites for Iran diplomats


This is the end of so-called "hotdog deplomacy"  …  and very likely the end of the open handed invite to negotiate. 

U.S. rescinds July 4 invites for Iran diplomats – Iran- msnbc.com
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday notified diplomats and other department employees overseas that her earlier invitations had been withdrawn."Unfortunately, circumstances have changed and participation by Iranian diplomats would not be appropriate in light of the unjust actions that the president and I have condemned," she said in her message sent overseas.

Circumstances have NOT changed! The same people are in charge and they are just as evil as before. The only thing different is NOW the liberals have seen a bit of reality.  Actually, that may be overly harsh…

Thanks ARE in order: thanks to President Obama’s outreach and offer of dialog, we now see that BOTH Iran AND North Korea are clearly NOT willing to negotiate!

Proving that Bush was correct in naming them as members of the "axis of evil" was something ONLY Obama could do. No conservative would have been trusted to be making a real attempt at dialog. Now that the President has tried, so very openly, so consistently with his long campaign, the very clear rebuff from both governments, followed by their obvious bad behavior, ends the debate.

I am reminded about Bush’s remark to his cabinet just after 9-11. I don’t remember the exact words, but they were something like these: "Now there is no longer any question as to what type of administration ours will be; it will be a war administration." Up to that point, Bush had been following his campaign rhetoric that called for a retreat from "nation building" and a return to addressing domestic issues (e.g. "No Child Left Behind".) Critics complained that he was not interested in international affairs. He had been the first president to call for a "Two State Solution" for the Arab-Israel conflict, but that was said primarily to toss the ball back into the hands of the Palestinians and "wash his hands" of the issue, allowing a return to a domestic focus. The 9-11 attacks wiped away the old priorities and substituted just one: "War on Terror".

This "failure to communicate" between the president and the remaining members of the "axis of evil" will not result in such a dramatic changed in direction… but you can be assured that the direction HAS changed.  There will not return to an open invitation to negotiation until something very serious happens, either in these countries or in ours.  The stakes have been seriously raised.  Who will blink first???

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