Governmental Insanity


Bush takes swipes at Obama policies – Washington Times
He said his administration sought to address the "housing bubble" before the system broke down. "We tried to reform" mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, "but couldn’t get it through the vested interests on Capitol Hill."

This is correct.  We’ve all seen the C-SPAN videos where Bush administration personnel warned of the dangers of the "easy credit" back in 2006.  And we’ve all seen the video of Barney Frank declaring there is no danger and that the whole administration effort was "fear mongering" intended to discourage first time minority home buyers.  Rather, it is in fact true that Bush chose to jump on the "minority home buyer" bandwaggon during the 2004 election cycle, using the phrase "ownership society".  The idea was that minorities would become homeowners and thus "have skin in the game."  They would become conservatives "naturally" once they owned their own home.  It is that political tactic by Bush, this swing to the left, that propelled Frank and other liberals to swing further to the left and object to the changes Bush later called for.  Regardless of who’s fault it was, clearly the result was people "owning" homes WITHOUT having any "skin in the game", resulting in the worst of all possible results.

But this is only one of a whole series of "insanities" that result from allowing politics to over-power reason:

  • Clearly, we recognize that institutions that are "too big to fail" are dangerous; so we "reform" the economy by building even bigger governental institutions to provide the capital and oversight to protect these biggest institutions, which in spite of their size, were not able to protect themselves!
  • We’ve learned that the lack of oversight by the agencies of the government allowed many of these problems to fester; so rather than blame those who failed to provide oversight (e.g. Barney Frank and other members of the responsible committees) we propose creating another layer of administrative bureaucracy to provide the oversight our elected representative FAILED to provide!   …who are we protecting?  …the politicians from accountability!
  • We respect the civil rights of terrorists, abhorring the idea of "frightening" them with water boarding; but conclude that it is OK to kill them by rockets launched from remote control drones flying at 20,000 feet.  (This DOES eliminate future Guantanamo detainees: kill’em in the field rather than capture and detain!  …and this is more moral than water boarding?)
  • Ok to abort and discard the innocent but unwanted fetus; but NEVER authorize the death penalty for a career criminal.
  • Doctors raise costs by practicing "defensive" medicine to protect themselves from litigation; so we decide that a government plan regulating what doctors do will save money.  (Fact:  the lawyers who drove up the litigation costs by suing doctors will now simply sue the government in the court of public opinion.  The politicians running the government will pay …through the nose… because, after all, it is not THEIR money (or career!)  And what voter wouldn’t be sympathetic with the poor suffering client the lawyer is getting rich representing?)
  • ….many more examples…. I invite you to write in to add to the list!

The point is clear.  The government very rarely runs anything well.  The problem is almost always too much government involvement, not too little.  Our founding fathers tried …in the extreme… to make sure governmental power was NOT concentrated.  Their objective was to distribute power broadly, and as closely to the people as possible.

One could claim "necessity" in many of the examples above, but the real shame is that there are clear and SIMPLE solutions that do NOT require more government involvement.  For example:

  • Solve "too big to fail" by taxing all institutions on a sliding scale up to 100% as their size approaches "systemically critical".  Allow and encourage institutions to split into competing institutions easily, distributing the risk across multiple institutions with separate boards of directors and independent CEOs.
  • Solve "failure of oversight" by ensuring that politicians are held accountable for their failures.  Encourage greater political competition by having term limits and open primaries.  Make it easier for new parties to form and for independent candidates to win election.
  • Respect life, even to the point of actually encouraging adoption and personal responsibility.  Capture the murderers and terrorists and hold them truly responsible for the lives they have taken.  The right to life is far more important than the right to be free from "discomfort" or "fear".
  • The right to justice is not achieved simply by allowing lawyers to become rich! Much injustice is created by allowing the profit motive to supercede the truth.  Cap the profits of lawyers, not the size of awards to plaintiffs.  Require justice; don’t allow monetary awards to "buy off" unjustified claimants or allow guilty parties to escape admission of fault.
  • ….many more examples….

Return to basic principles and make government pursue ideals, not political advantage.

Keep watching the news!  We all love a good joke… and the political class are providing us with an endless stream of real gut busters this year!  Don’t allow yourself to become politically biased…. we need rational voters, not more cheerleaders.  If we keep our humor about us, continue to point out the laughable among the "solutions" our politicians propose, we will come through this.  God has created a world in which rationality ultimately wins the day.  The "joke" he’s enjoying (more lately than in the past) is the insanity so many of our egotistical "leaders" are making of their lives!  Laugh along with us and watch them make fools of themselves.

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