2100 Misconceptions

I fired up my Media Center just now and started to watch a recording of last night’s "documentary"  Earth 2100.  To catch the buzz, simply follow this link or search with your favorite search engine.
Here’s my view…. If they want to convince me of the dangers of Global Warming, they need to understand more than the common misconceptions of a half dozen years ago.  I had to stop watching and grab this keypad when they suggested we’d all be leaving the suburbs for the cities in 5 years because the price of gasoline would be too high!
Have they not heard of the Internet?  Have they missed the dual revolutions in communications AND transportation?
I’m sitting here in a little cabin along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We call it "Up Home".  I pay no water/sewer fees; I pay only a quarter of what I’d pay for electricity "Down Home"; communications are via satellite and costs 20% less; the trees and the altitude provide cooling the Summer, and as the leaves fall, greater solar heating in the Winter.  I’ll migrate Down Home to our other little house when cold weather comes, again using the seasons and my rural locations to greatly reduce my heating and cooling bills.  If I lived in a city, all these bills would be much greater than the cost of gasoline, even at $10 a gallon!  Worse, as gasoline goes up, all these "city prices" will go up faster because of the inherent inefficiencies of the artificial lifestyle of the city dweller.
Apparently the "city folk" who produced this fearful monstrosity of a "news documentary" do not understand AT ALL what "living green" really is!  A TRUE green life style is highly conservative, rural, independent and avoids all the fluff our society has come to mistake for "necessities".
Next time you go into your apartment building in the city, check closely the heating and cooling devices.  You’ll almost certainly see steam rising from the streets, heating or cooling fighting in the halls to overcome the wasted heating or cooling escaping from your neighbors apartments, the laundry room, the storage room, etc.  And YOU will not have control over the thermostats!  You’ll be paying someone to make these decisions for you… someone who’s probably wasting YOUR energy in his workspace because it is NOT HIS bill to pay!  But don’t believe me… just look at the bills you pay and the price of "living in the city".
I have to admit, I have avoided "city life" since college.  Living in a noisy, crowded, smelly dorm never appealed to me.  Having walking access to the trolley and thereby down town New Orleans, French Quarter, etc. NEVER was sufficient to compensate for my loss of privacy and independence.
So… for me… the show took the wrong tack as soon as the imaginary "star" of the show moved to the city… TO SAVE MONEY.  This is simply insane.
I do believe our cities will whither and die.  They must!  It is just too expensive to keep them up.  They were HIGHLY cost effective before the invention of the telephone and the automobile.  Back then, you simply couldn’t afford the time it would take to ride a carriage to your banker, customer, partner, supplier, etc.  The ability to walk or send a courier with hand written papers was paramount.  Further, getting employees to pile up in boarding houses close to your factory kept salaries low and WAS quite efficient.  Today, there are virtually no factories in our cities and vast amounts of commerce is handled electronically.  The only remaining reasons to live in cities are:  a) prestige, b) poverty, c) ignorance, and d) walking distance to hospitals, entertainment, red-light districts or addictions!  If you take away ego, mental or physical infirmity, ignorance and habit, you’ll find very little a city provides that cannot be found better in the countryside …with a good Internet connection!
If you are a happy city dweller, please tell me where I’m wrong….  Heck!  Why did I write this note?  What I FEAR is that all you city folks will come out into the country and drive up my bills while cluttering up my views!  …now THAT is a horror story I don’t want to see.  Thanks, ABC, for misguiding all those city and suburban types into thinking the future is to pile up upon each other rather than moving out to where the air is clearer, cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and vegetables are sweet and fresh!
Keep it up ABC, and you’ll be able to join GM on the government dole!
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