Murtha’s Pork…. but it isn’t just Democrats


Here’s a neat example of self-serving, self-promoting, self-perpetuating political pork:


At Airport in Murtha’s District, Wartime Upgrades –
Some locals call the Johnstown airport "Fort Murtha" because of the steady stream of wartime projects announced at the facility. Although its runway is capable of servicing the largest airplanes in North America, the airport is used only by small commuter airplanes that make six trips a day back and forth to Dulles International Airport. Many of the commercial flights, which are subsidized by federal transportation dollars, carry only a handful of passengers. On a recent visit, all of the flights departing the airport were less than half-full, and one had only four passengers — screened by seven federal airport workers.

But it isn’t just long-time Democrats that steal from the rest of us to give to their supporters.  Several years ago Fox News did an expose’ on Dennis Hastart.  It is clearly a political corruption issue for BOTH parties.  I’ve proposed that earmarked funds for a given politician’s district can ONLY be spent if the State Legislature approves the specific expenditure, the Governor approves, AND the constituents vote at the next congressional election to either a) spend the money as proposed, or b) refund the money to the people of the district in the form of a tax rebate.  Only then can we be sure the "good" was done for the people, not the politician’s advancement over his political competitors.

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