New terrorist chant: Ready! Aim! Shoe-t!


Listening to the news about "how terrible" it was to have that Arab reporter throw his shoes at President Bush, my mind flashed the Next Generation in vests for the well dressed terrorist:  rather than bombs (which obviously are not the "ULTIMATE" insult) the vest could be equipted with many pockets, each holding the ultimate in offensive weaponry: a shoe!

Heck!  I bet the U. S. Congress would be willing to fund all of the shoe-vests the radical Arabs EVER could use!

Think of it!  If we had only LISTENED to the terrorists’ demands early on, we could have avoided all this blood-shed!

Praise Alla for shining a light onto the "sole" of the terrorists… I wish only that it had happened sooner!

The whole war in Afghanistan against the Russians could have ended bloodlessly if only we had provided Bin Ladden enough Shoe-Vests!

Think of all the lives that could have been saved in the Iraq/Iran war if we had provided modern Shoe-Vests to both sides!

And Saddam Hussain would still be alive, as well as the Kurds he gassed, if only we could have had the wisdom and insight to have provided Shoe-Vests in sufficient numbers!

May the Farce be with you!

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