I don’t want Congress to protect “the taxpayer”…


I want our congressmen and senators to protect OUR money.  Even the poorest of us, even if illegal and not on welfare, pays taxes embedded in the price of everything they buy.  When the government wastes money, it not only offends "the taxpayers", it hurts the welfare recipient who will get less, the Medicare recipient who will have to pay a higher co-payment, etc.

The recent congressional debates repeatedly include the phrase, "We must protect the taxpayers‘ money!"  This, unfortunately, is thought by some to mean that only the "taxpayers" pay.  In fact, it COSTS US ALL when money is wasted.  It costs in terms of higher prices, lower benefits, higher interest and reduced opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

Please encourage everyone to use the term:  "the peoples money".  Though this may sound a little "socialist" to some, it avoids the class warfare that results when "the disadvantaged" gets the impression that congress only cares about those "rich" enough to pay taxes.

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