In Key House Races, Democrats Run to the Right

This NYT article suggests that Dems are running to the right to win in "key" races.  The view expressed by much of the pundit media on C-SPAN, NBC, and elsewhere is that the Dems are running to the right cross the board!  Note the "promise" to not make impeachment an issue if they win the congress and the "promise" to pass all of the 9-11 commission recommendations within 100 hours of taking control of the Congress.  These are NOT liberal-pleasing promises, to say the least!

Fact:  BOTH parties are running to the CENTER.

The Republicans have been far more "liberal" in spending, immigration, war-fighting, and social/moral issues than most of those on the "right" would like.  In fact, much of Bush’s low ratings are due to Republicans who feel he is being far too weak in executing the war and far too extravagant in spending on "pork", "no child left behind", and "medicare drug benefits".  This "running to the center" is precisely why Bush has put off saying exactly what he will do in Iraq once the election is over.

McCain is calling for more troops (short term) in order to break the back of the violence and get us to the point where the Iraqi government can take over and let us leave.  I think this is what Bush will do, but he can’t say it without looking "right wing".

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