Brazil’s President Roars Back to Win Vote

“Because of all the corruption denunciations, I voted for Alckmin in the first round, based on emotion,” said Valmir Moura, a 38-year-old office clerk here. “But this time I stopped to reason things through, and I realized his whole campaign is based on nothing but accusations and that he hasn’t presented a program for governing. So I went back to Lula.”

Read this article for insight on how to win in a modern democracy.  What Lula did is similar to Schwartzenager’s actions this year in swinging from right to left, appearing flexible and positive in the face of stiff criticism.  Frustrating as it may seem to purists on the right and left, this is essentially what Bush and Clinton have done…. Yes!  Bush is not the far-right ideologue that the left wants to portray him as being.  He dealt with Kennedy on "No Child Left Behind" and spent a LOT more money on education and medicare than anyone on the far right would have even considered.  Bush is also "left of center" on the immigration issue.  We’ll see if he can turn Iraq around before the end of his term.

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