Iran wasn’t “serious” before?


Check out this news…. 

Iran says ready for ‘serious’ talks – Mideast/N. Africa –

Apparently Iran wasn’t ‘serious’ before, when they:

  • signed the non-proliferation treaty
  • lied to inspectors agreed to in that treaty
  • deceived the world’s inspectors, reporters and their own citizens
  • diverted hundreds of millions from their own citizens to arm Hezbollah, etc.

Why think they would be serious now?  It is a foolish waste of time.  There is no one over there who SERIOUSLY cares to negotiate under the current conditions.  Offering a few "carrots" means little to someone earning Billions in oil revenue daily!  It is past time for the "stick" to be applied.

Suggestions welcome.  Here are mine:

  1. Notify them that they have until August 31st to fully submit to the terms of the Nuclear Proliferation Treat which they signed, or they will be deemed in violation and no longer have access to world trade;
  2. immediately seize all foreign assets, including all payments due for their oil and hold until August 31st.
  3. On September 1st, assuming they continue to refuse to comply, liquidate all such assets and distribute the proceeds equally to the people of Israel (including Gaza and West bank)  and Lebanon.  Distribute the funds in the form of $100 bills dropped from the air so that all have equal access to the funds.  What Hezbollah or Hamas agents would be willing to take the money at gun point out of the hands of the people they claim they support?  What Hezbollah or Hama war lord will want to impoverish his people to return this money to Iran?  And what value is Iran’s support if they can have it without bothering to take orders from Iran?
  4. Also on 9/1, blockade their oil (export) and gasoline (import) terminals, and block all financial transactions, offering release of the blockade as soon as Iran reaffirms the terms of the NTP and gracious invites the world press and experts to come in and follow every step of their "peaceful" nuclear research.

Iran is dependent upon imported gasoline.  Blocking gasoline imports will bring Iran to a hault long before the blockage of Iranian oil exports will seriously impact the rest of the world.  If Iran attempts to retaliate with force, respond with equivalent force against their gasoline refinery and gasoline storage/distribution facilities.

DO NOT INTERRUPT ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES!  Electricity allows the populace of Iran to learn what their government is doing and allows the local people to organize what will ultimately become protests against the government of Iran.  There are also safety and security reasons for allowing the electrical grid to remain on.

DO NOT DESTROY BUILDINGS!  You want the government of Iran to appear foolish for fearing attack.  The focus MUST remain on the WIN-WIN that can result from international trade, only possible through cooperation and mutual respect.

POINT OUT THAT VIOLATING INTERNATIONAL TREATIES displays the ultimate form of disrespect one nation can have for their neighbors, forces their neighbors to view them as untrustworthy trading partners and thus naturally leads to the situation they currently find themselves in.  This must be hammered home over every media channel.

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